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Illinois Phase 4 | Revitalize Youth Athletics

A Note To Our Families

All of us at SCGA are ready to begin the first steps to returning to the sport we love. We fully understand that returning to “gymnastics as usual” is a long term goal. On this page you will find our policies and procedures aimed at safely achieving that goal, while maintaining quality training among new sets of rules and regulations. Information regarding the state of the pandemic and its guidelines change rapidly, constantly evolving our procedures and protocols for day to day operation. We will utilize this page to keep all of our families updated on our daily operations and guidelines.

The safety of SCGA athletes, coaches and families has remained a top priority since the beginning. Our decision to immediately close was intensely emotional and financially challenging. Moreover, SCGA being the first gym to close in Illinois further highlights our commitment to safety for all who call SCGA their “Second Home”.

Returning to training will continue to have that same mission as we offer the opportunity to train again by stages. This is no small task, it takes a community like ours to accomplish it, we are certainly in this together.

Like the ever changing rules and regulations provided by the WHO, CDC, and the Illinois Government, we also have made and will continually make changes to our procedures. We will also find logistical concerns while in operation, prompting us to reevaluate schedules and protocols throughout the duration of this soft re-opening. Your patience and support will help us move through the multi-phase plans required by our state.

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Illinois Recovery Official Illinois PHASE 4 Information

The link provided includes guidelines directly from the Illinois Department of Commerce. It contains the necessary criteria SCGA must follow to safely re-open for our athletes.
Illinois Youth Sports Guidelines