St. Charles Gymnastics Academy

Gymnastics Illinois Junior Organization

GIJO 2006-07

The St. Charles Gymnastics GIJO Program is developmental program for the USAG Team, or to develop skills for High School competition.

We compete in 5 - 7 meets each year, culminating with the GIJO State meet in June.

Gymnasts, aged 7 and up, compete in one of three levels: 5, 6 or Optional (which competes using High School rules). Gymnasts are placed in a level after a tryout with the coach, and typically spend 2 years at each level, advancing as their skills progress. After a gymnast achieves her Level 6 skills, she is trained for optional competition. Gymnasts may also try out for the USAG Level 5 team, if approved by the team coaches.

GIJO Gymnasts must attend a minimum of 2 of the the 3 weekly practices

St. Charles Gymnastics has been a part of GIJO since its inception in 1985. Currently 10 former GIJO gymnasts are on the St. Charles High School Gymnastics team.

Ron Albertson, Head Coach

Ron Albertson is curently the GIJO Head Coach. He has been coaching for 31 years, a USAG Professional member for 25 years, safety cerified for 21 years. He has coached the GIJOs for the last 10 years, along with spending 2 years coaching the St. Charles Gymnastics Tumbling and Trampoline team (where he sent 4 girls to the 2002 USAG Tumbling and Trampoline Nationals

For more information about GIJO, contact Ron Albertson